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Welcome to The Visual Weekly!

This is a blog shared between two people who love photography, Eddy Teh and Shelvia Loveridge.
We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Each week, we take turns to independently create photographs and post our efforts here.
We hope to create interesting images, inspire each other, and bring to you pieces of this wonderful world.

We are very interested in your thoughts and reactions to our photos, so please rate our posts, leave your comments and criticisms.

Thank you!

Some Words from Shelvia…

My interest in camera started since I was a kid – my dad loves taking photograph!
Hence, it began with the excitement and fun of posing for the camera.
But a few years ago, I found myself running out of expressions and/or poses, so I gave the other side of the lens a go and I fell in love.
Thus I began my wonderful journey in Photography, with the dream of traveling places for photo shoots one day.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step”, says the old Chinese proverb.

This blog, my first small step, challenges me to take photographs, to filter the great ones out, and to develop them into something I can be proud of.
I took the second step by creating my personal photo portfolio, One Melbourne Photographer’s World.
My third small step was to enroll myself in the first semester of a part time photography diploma course (PSC).

Photography started as a way to capture beautiful things and world I constantly see all around me.
The course has taught me the more powerful side of photography, i.e. as a way to express myself and share an experience with the audience, and I love it.

More recently, I’m working on setting up my own weekend photography business (which is going much slower than I would have liked as I am working full time in the IT industry).
But – it is coming along, do wish me luck!

Ah yes, the journey has only just started for me and I look forward to the ride. 🙂

Last but not least, I enjoy meeting new friends and learning from other photographers out there, please feel free to drop me a line or two below, even if only to say hi.


Some words from Eddy…

My father, a keen amateur photographer, introduced me to 35mm film photography when I was a child – it can be said photography was one of my first loves. But I was never very creative and the camera was little more than a tool to document the world around me on a casual basis. Since the mid 2000s, digital photography has become so convenient and affordable that it has never been easier to visually document one’s life and surrounds.

So after a long hiatus I took up again photography as a hobby, and lately I have also sought to explore whether I have a creative side…

I enjoy the photojournalistic or documentary style and my photographic heroes are the Magnum photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson and Rene Burri. I also like Andre Kertesz and Edward Weston. (I don’t know enough about contemporary photographers, and am only starting to learn to appreciate conceptual art.)

I also love music and turn to it even more so than photography for relaxation, inspiration and just a good ol’ time. I enjoy most kinds of music and my particular favourites are Shostakovich, Beethoven, Chopin and The Beatles.

One Comment

  1. Hi, I came to this site by accident 🙂 just love the photos. Paintings,poems and music are my passion – and there are times when some paintings have seen ages ago has remained in my mind as fresh as though i saw them yesterday. If i wasn’t working for IT – i would be a Museum Curator at the Louvre.

    I never leave a city without visiting the local museum.

    Will drop by now and then to see the photos posted.

    All the Best and Cheers !!

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