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Monthly Archives: October 2011

It’s with some regret, that I have to announce Week 104 is the last for The Visual Weekly, and no more pictures will be added to this blog.

In the eight months since Shelvia’s departure as a regular from this blog, it’s been a constant challenge for me to run it by myself from week to week. On several occasions I was tempted to end the blog earlier, but I’m glad I obstinately kept to my private commitment to see it to its second anniversary. Glad, because the discipline of having to produce something every week has led me to experiment with different genres and styles, to reassess (and sometimes reprocess) my earlier work, and generally to think more deeply about photography and what I’m trying to communicate through it. There are many, many themes and styles I have yet to explore, and of the few which I started on in The Visual Weekly, I wish I could have expanded on them here.

The time is right for a new direction, a more considered, thematic and less time-bound way of making pictures. I intend to take a break, and then return with a new website of photographs co-hosted with a few friends. It won’t be a weekly photo blog, and I don’t yet know what form it will take, but I’m sure it will encourage me to continue with photography, a pastime and art form that means much to me.

So it’s goodbye to this blog, but not farewell to photography. Thank you to all guest contributors, thank you, Shelvia, for coming back recently; you have all helped me immensely with keeping this blog alive, and for enriching it with your artistic interpretations. Thank you, visitors of this blog, thank you, I hope you have enjoyed the pictures!

See you at the next web thingamajig (I will put up one last post here to link to it when it launches)!


*Concept and photo by Eddy, artwork by Mina