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Monthly Archives: February 2011

It saddened me when Shelvia broke the news to me that she could no longer regularly post to this blog. My initial thought was to wind up The Visual Weekly, as it was begun as a collaboration between Shelvia and me. On reflection I’ve decided to let it free-wheel along to see how much longer it lasts – with a couple of important changes.

But first I’d like to note a few things about Shelvia’s contribution to this blog so far: the idea of a photo blog where two friends submit pictures each week which are randomly paired was Shelvia’s and I’m glad she convinced me to commit to it. We weren’t sure how many weeks our experiment would last and I’m proud that the original version of The Visual Weekly went a full 52 weeks. In that year Shelvia put up intriguing and beautiful pictures and I learnt quite a few things from her, for example: how to use tilts creatively, how to vignette, how to use depth of field creatively, how to use different colour treatments, and how to appreciate food!

Shelvia, thanks for putting in the hard yards on this blog and I look forward to many more pictures from you.

What will The Visual Weekly look like going forward?

I’ll continue to post my pictures weekly, but as a concession to my lazy nature, I may choose to post older pictures from my archive. It may mean that this blog becomes less topical, but I like to believe that a good picture is timeless and I’d rather post a picture I’m happy with instead of any snapshot to make up the numbers.

More importantly, especially for followers of this blog, I’d like to take the idea of Guest Week to its logical extreme, and make every week Guest Week! With your help, this blog may yet regenerate momentum to keep it going, and be all the more enjoyable for a wider audience.

So please submit your pictures whenever you can, and let’s keep this gig going.


“All good things must come to an end.”

Over the year, Visual Weekly has provided a much needed outlet for my love of photography.
It has been very much a rewarding and fun journey for me.
Your patron, comments, encouragement and/or critics, pushed the development of my photography skill further than anything else could.

For all of the above, I am forever grateful.
However – with other commitments constantly creeping up on me, I will have to bid farewell to my regular posting of photos here.

Eddy – I wish you lots of fun going forward with the Visual Weekly.
Please know that your constant support, amazing mentoring skill and reliability throughout our partnership here – are all very very VERY much appreciated.
If I may and when time permits, I’d love to submit random contributions during guest posts week. ­čÖé

Again, I thank all of you sincerely,