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Monthly Archives: October 2010

This week, for the first time, we present pictures from guests. Thank you David, Mark, Paul and Ozgur, for your excellent contributions. We will make Guest Week a recurring feature and call for submissions from the general public every few weeks – more details in due course.

warm regards
Eddy and Shelvia

We hope you have enjoyed the images we’ve posted each week; our aim is to continue this photo blog for as long as we can. To mark the 1st anniversary, we have posted below half a dozen images each from the last six months which didn’t make the weekly posting, but which nevertheless are some of our favourites.

We are also revamping the format of The Visual Weekly:-

Next week you’ll see guest submissions, by some of the followers of this blog. We’re hoping that guest features will be ongoing and become an integral part of the blog; a separate post will be made calling for submissions from the general public (and how they are to be done), so stay tuned!

In addition, we will no longer arbitrarily pair our pictures each week. Instead, we will take turns to individually present our work in weekly portfolios of 1 to 8 pictures. This will give us more flexibility, more time, and could even make photography more fun 🙂

Thanks for your support in the last year, we look forward to bringing you more interesting pictures over the next year. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion any time, we do love to receive feedback!

Eddy and Shelvia