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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Eddy says:

“The Visual Weekly is 6 months old!
It’s not a major milestone, granted, but there were weeks when I for one struggled to put up any interesting pictures.
There were also weeks when two pictures didn’t seem enough and personal favourites had to be left out.
So to mark the sixth-month anniversary of this photo blog, Shelvia and I have rescued ‘outtakes’ from the first six months, which we feel deserve a viewing.”

Shelvia says:

“The Visual Weekly started out as this idea of a fun way to display mine and Eddy’s images collaboratively.
Along the way, it has grown to be so much more – a challenge, an education, and a commitment.
I’m most grateful for how it helps push me to create better quality images on a weekly basis (it is somewhat a healthy competition, I’m sure…).

Throughout this six months, there are weeks where Saturday night creeps up on me and I realise I haven’t got any “good” photos; which call for frantic Sunday photo session.
Vice versa, there are those weeks where I feel like I have more than two that I’d like to put up (some of them will be displayed in the following posts).

Cheers to The Visual Weekly – I hope somewhere out there, someone enjoys viewing these photographs as much as we do creating them! :D”